March 09, 2010


I met this amazing woman (Mary Fran) many years ago when I was working at the local hospital.  She was strikingly beautiful, incredibly fit, and at first glance looked as if she were in her 30's.  Come to find out she was actually in her late 50's.  What's her secret?  How does she stay so young?  I need to know this.  I need to know her secret rub, her secret pills, her secret to youth.   I finally know her secret, and she will share it will all of you today.  Thanks for inspiring so many of us to keep living life even when you hit that specific age milestone.

YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD…By someone who’s old.
I think one of the best compliments I was ever given was at a retirement planning meeting.  I was asked how old I was.  When I told her I was 64 she replied “But you look so…..HEALTHY.”  Isn’t that just the best thing you can be?  I feel really blessed to be so healthy and it’s so much fun but it’s also hard work.  My mornings start at 5  A.M with about an 8 mile run or a spinning class and lifting weights in the winter or biking in the summer.  

I started this craziness about 20 years ago along with my sister.  Our first adventure was a 22 mile hike from Teton Creek Campground to Jennies Lake.  Our high tech gear consisted of a small plastic bottle filled with water and a plastic bread bag containing a sandwich that we tied to the belt keepers of our cut off jeans.   We were so scared we would meet a bear or get lost it took us weeks to get enough courage to try. 
We have had many adventures since that one and gotten a lot tougher. Our adventure last summer was an 18 day 218 mile hike from Yosemite National Park to Whitney Portal on the John Muir Trail.  We camped out every night and cooked all our meals.  This time we really did have high tech equipment.  It was an adventure of a life time.  But not without its scary moments.
I love being active, biking, running, skiing but I know that my days are limited.  I may only have about 30 more years to get done all the fun things I have planned. So I have to hurry.  That’s why I stay active. 
People ask me all the time “Are you still running?”  “Of course” I reply “ I don’t dare stop.”
Remember age is all in your mind…the trick is to keep it from creeping down into your body.  You are never too old to do something as long as you can move.
Mary Fran Jeppesen


Libby said...

so fun!


Anonymous said...

heather, how do you meet all these amazing people!!!? mary i would love to go backpacking with you sometime, i always have a tough time looking for women who like to backpack! you are a STRONG women, keep it up! thanks for the inspiration!
whitney (heathers sis)

bBchronicles said...

GREAT article!

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