May 29, 2011

Early Morning Rides

So early morning rides are going to become a regular scheduled event on my calendar this summer.  It is the only way I will be able to get my rides in. . . . EARLY!  Here is a short vid I made up of our little journey through the woods.  Come join us.

Last night it was suppose to snow close to 6", but thank goodness the weather man was wrong so me and a good friend headed out for some torture in the cold (38 degrees cold).  Here are a couple short clips of our painful journey.  I definitely don't consider myself a videographer, but thought it would be fun to start sharing clips of my little life, and my back yard.

We decided to do Anderson Mill backwards which means ALL up hill.  Now, all I have to say to that is FREAK!  You can spin all winter long indoors, but when it comes to getting out on the real mountain, it means serious PAIN.

I get a little freaked out when it comes to wolves and bears.  We have a lot of them around here.  Ran into some FRESH bear poo on the way and I was wanting to turn back, but little Jenny just persisted up the friggin hill leaving me thinking about pedaling a lot faster.  I caught right back up knowing there was a bear on my tail.

By the time we headed down the mountain we we SUPER cold.  Trudging through drifts and the misty rain made my toes and brain stiff.  It took pretty much all day sitting by a fire with my robe and hot chocolate to thaw out, but you know what . . . . . . . . . it was totally worth it.  Call if you would like to join us on our early morning bike rides.

May 26, 2011

Featured writer - Jennica Hirrlinger

I always truly enjoy reading Jennicas articles.  Each time I read one I learn something powerful.  I learn a life lesson that I couldn't have learned in a classroom.  She teaches us that we are truly tougher than we think we are.  Thanks for sharing another truly inspired read.

Success or Failure - Featured Writer Jennica Hirrlinger
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  I’ve seen this question being asked all over facebook lately and I, personally, think it’s a tricky question.  I mean, sure it would be fun to just have it all handed to me but, man, the risk of failure is what makes success so intense.  It’s the lows and the down times and insecurity of it all that truly allows us to feel the elation and the joy of the summit.
I am often asked how one trains for a marathon.  “It’s so far!  I can only run 3 miles.”  To that, I usually respond that the first three miles are the hardest.  And, they are.  It takes a while for our bodies to warm up.  Beyond that though, it also takes a while for our brains to warm up to the idea that we physically can run that far.  Our mental toughness runs on a parallel track with our physical endurance and they grow together.
I learned some things about myself on a recent climbing outing.  I spent a couple hours hanging out on a wall, higher than I’ve ever climbed and feeling stuck, with nothing to do but to wait and to contemplate how I felt about being up there and being completely out of control and trusting someone else to help me succeed.  My brother and I did our first multi-pitch climb and while there were a few moments where I thought I might totally lose it my overall feeling is that I got just a little bit more mentally tough.  Even at my most anxious, I could still make myself continue physically doing what needed to be done and though I was not yet at a place where I could get back on solid ground, I could talk and think my way down from the stress I was having.  And, I realized how amazing and exhilarating it was to be up there and I got tougher.

I got tougher, not because I could not fail, but because there was a huge risk that I would fail.  I could have easily found out that I was not cut out for the whole climbing thing or I could have chosen not to ever see what it was like to run further than 3 miles.  But I didn’t.  I took a risk and it feels good.  So, instead of asking what would you do if you knew you could not fail, ask yourself what you can learn through your failure and take the risk.  The feeling of success is totally worth it!

May 16, 2011

12 Week Challenge - AGAIN?

                Alright girls, it's time that I truly admit I have problems. 

(hike in the rain with my amazing hubby)
I know, we all have problems but at some point and time we need to deal with those problems.  I think I have already blogged about this issue several times before, but the past few days I am really wanting to share my issues with others.  I am a woman!  I am full grown adult woman!  I have needs and wants.   Currently those needs are

*Good food
*Good friends
*Supportive family life

So far I have all that I could ever ask for and more.  Here are a list of wants that don't seem too off the wall.

*More food
*More food that is not good for me
*More food

Here is my problem.  I LOVE food.  No, seriously I LOVE bad food (sugary food).  I am truly addicted to crap!  I know I have problems starting projects and not following through to the end.  Is it just me?  Why can't I commit?

I love exercise.  I enjoy waking up early to teach my bi-weekly spin class.  I love evening runs by the river.  I even love pumping iron.  All these things make me feel empowered.  But for some reason I can't seem to figure out why I can't drop weight if I am only eating 4 candy bars in a day while chugging down my diet pepsi.  I thought it was suppose to counterbalance the candy bars.  Well, I was reading "Racing Weight"
and Matt says that you can not eat 4 candy bars in one day and lose weight.  That was super cool to hear.  Now I think I have it all figured out. 
For the past few years I have wanted to do the Capital Reef Classic bike race with my husband.  It is a very well organized race that we have attended since it began.  For a brief moment I thought about riding in it this year (July), but came to the realization that I am not in "fit" shape to do it.  I am what I consider to be a fit overweight cyclist.  Does this make sense?  I feel fit!  But at the same time I have a high percentage of body fat.  Matt also says in his book that "A runner weighing 160 pounds has to muster about 6.5 percent more energy to run the same pace as a runner weighing 150 pounds." No wonder why all my skinny friends were beating me to the finish line.  I get it!

So, in order for me to really work on my issues I have to commit to something big.  So here we go again!  For the next 12 weeks I am committed to eating healthy and exercising.  I will chart my progress along with my (hopeful) weight loss/fat loss journey so that I can start achieving some of the goals I have put off for so many years.  Please help me along the way!  Those freakin Oreo's are calling my name.  

  • Cardio at least 5 days per week
  • Weights 3 days per week
  • Healthy eating plan
  • Chart progress
  • Lose body fat
  • Attend one cycling race/event without pooping my pants
  • Enjoy the journey

May 09, 2011

Where have you been?

Alright, so you are probably wondering where in the world I have been lately?  Well, life has just been spinning so quickly I just decided to get off the ride for a while.  Not really, I am back in full force and still waiting for the warm weather.  It's raining again today, which makes me believe there is a rainbow and a smile on the other side.

My husband has been working so hard to help me get ready for the open house at the studio.  Well, it turned out amazing.  Family and friends showed up to support us during the open house.  It was great seeing so many of you.  Here is a little glimpse of the new studio pretty much FINISHED!

Now that the studio is officially open, I can focus a little more on the cycling scene.  Brian just finished Liz's bike, and can I just say WOW.  Seriously, every time he finishes a bike I just say WOW!  Here is a pic of her beautiful new ride, oh and my beautiful - HOT husband.

This bike was truly custom in every way.  Liz works for the Forest Service and wanted her bike to represent who she is.  She is in love with trees!  I know we all have our passion and LOVE and her passion is white pine bark trees.  The detail in this bike is truly unique.  I find it amazing how Brian can start with one single tube and transform this process into a work of art.  All of our bikes are built one at a time in house.  From welding to painting - true awesomeness.  I will soon be showing you how this process is done, from start to finish.

This beauty is a custom blend of columbus tubing, Sram and Ritchey parts.  The carbon fork smooths out road vibration and a women's specific Sella Italia saddle provides comfort for those long rides.  All logos, and details where painted directly onto the frame.  No stickers or decals here.  Just pure sexiness.  Freak, I want to ride this beauty.
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Welcome to a new attitude in women's cycling and a first in women's specific titanium and steel custom bikes. We know females....because we are females. All women share a common interest. We want to feel comfortable, confident, and strong on our bikes. We also want to look good while riding hard. At Bellarosa we build bikes to fit you using only the finest materials. Our bikes our built in house one at a time from start to finish. 100% handbuilt in the U.S.A. So guess what? We no longer have to ride boy bikes. It's alright to want to ride a bike designed specifically for you. At Bellarosa we can build your dreams.

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