March 16, 2010


What an exciting day in the world of carbon fiber, and Bella Rosa/Kelson bikes.  Brian headed South this morning to pick up an oven we have been dreaming of for the past two years.
Who the heck dreams of ovens?  Well, someone who is infatuated with designing and building custom carbon fiber bikes.  I don't think I have ever seen anyone so excited about cooking bikes than Brian.  I however am happy to be able to cook food in our home oven without exposing my children to harmful carbon leftovers.  Yeah, we have been using the home oven to do some testing with and to tell you the truth - it hasn't been ideal.  

Brian, my super rad hubby at has a lot of experience with carbon fiber.  He designed and built his own line of carbon kayaks years ago.   And since than has perfected the process.  The process of building carbon fiber bikes is a true art, and there are only a handful of people right now who are able to do it.  I now know why.
  1. Lose hundreds of hours of zzzzzzzzzzsssssss - NO SLEEPY
  2. Hundreds of hours of PAINFUL design work - Thank goodness for super smart, patient hubby.
  3. MUCHO $$$$$$$ (cash - shiz, how much mulah can you possibly spend on one project.)
  4. Waiting 1021 hours on other people.
  5. Finding the perfect pattern to lay up the carbon fiber - (again, thank goodness for smart hubby who has years of experience, and tons of patience.)
  6. Etc., etc., etc.
I think you kind of get the gist of it.  It has been a painful process that will soon be paying off.  While he is down South he will be dropping off 5 bikes for a company that he has been building for.  He will also be measuring a few other people for bikes.  And that puts a smile on the face of a wife -  who for the longest time never thought she would enjoy a fresh piece of homemade bread that didn't taste like carbon.


Libby said...

crap! why don't i kayak anymore?!
and why is libby always logged in?

bBchronicles said...

Wow, these photos bring back some MAJOR memories! Amazing - a time capsule!!! Brian is going to do great - excited for him.

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