March 28, 2011

Misery or Strength

There are so many ways you can look at life.  You can either make the best of what you have, or indulge in the negative thoughts of others that will eventually ruin your life.  You have a choice.  You know what you should be doing.  You know how you should be thinking.  Why do we make it so difficult?   I heard this thought today from a girl on the dailymile today.  I truly liked the message 
(This is a photo of myself taken by my mother.  I think I was swearing inside because of the blistery weather we were having.  This is "I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKE NOW" face. . . . snow, snow go away.)
Snowing and blowing hard today again.  I have a feeling the storms will cease and the flowers will begin to bloom.  Great day to catch up on indoor dirty laundry and never ending nasty bathrooms.
Brian is getting geared up for some amazing frame building.  He is currently working on a custom carbon project that is going to be the new "SWEET" of the cycling industry.  I will take you out to the shop for a small tour soon.
Brian just celebrated his 38th birthday.  Man we are OLD.  I asked him over the weekend if there was one thing he would do different, what would it be.  He thought for a moment and responded "ride my bike more".  I agree!  Ride more, work less.  Could somebody please explain to me how I go about doing this.  Have a wonderful week.  Great things to come.

March 19, 2011

Dreaming Makes Me Smile

So, I'm over it!  Yeah, you heard me.  This living your dream is for the birds!  Listen to my pathetic song of "cry me a river".  Well, I am a little heart broken about the lack of blog posts lately.  I just haven't had time.  Here is a rundown of the amazingly busy schedule.  I know "cry me a river".
    Photography studio - the progress on the photography studio is absolutely amazing.  Brian has been putting his dreams on hold (building bikes) to make his wife (me) happy.
(Check out my hot husband posing it up!  If he finds out I put this on my blog he will seriously KILL me.  I guess I will find out if he reads my blog or not.)

Brian has taken off the past two months for the remodel.  Everyday he has been working his tail off texturing, laying floor, and painting.  I tell you what . . . I owe him big time!  Is this what the big dream is all about?  Working your tail off, spending money you never knew you had or don't have, and feeling guilty you left your children at the bus stop with no ride home.  No, I'm not that pathetic.  Livin' the dream does not feel that great right now.  Gallery pics showed up today - YEEHAAWW!  Studio opening April 1st.

    Bella Rosa Bikes - Winter has been pretty painful.  A few too many unwanted pounds has made me crave my summer bike rides.  I know I have said this over and over but seriously Mother Nature - melt some friggin snow. The bluebird bike is ready for paint.  I don't even think I have shown you the design yet.  Here she is!  She is so beautteeefffuulll.

Bluebird will only be available for a limited time only and only a few number will be made.  I will talk about this soon.  So EXCITED to paint one of these babies up.

I have been lacking in creativity without a current graphic designer.  The problem I have been having is this - New bike design ideas, but no great designer to implement them.  I was looking forward to taking some Bella Rosa Bikes down to the Utah Little Red in June.   I think it's pretty much impossible without a few extra hands.  Livin' the dream does not feel that great right now.
    Rusty Mill - Life at the Rusty Mill has been busy.  We have been building frames like crazy.  No, not bike frames, but picture frames.  Livin' the dream does not feel that great right now.
    Hair Salon - March 1st we took possession of a hair salon.  Yeah, that's just what Brian wants to be doing right now - running a hair salon.  Well, it's definitely not our dream job since I barely know how to wash my hair, but the previous owners were not paying rent so we took back over the building that we rent and now have a hair salon to go with it.  Freak, livin' the dream really doesn't feel that great right now.
So there you have it.  Another cry me a river post.  I tell you what though . . . Life is amazing!  I LOVE being alive!  I thrive on hard work!  So for now, this is my dream . . . . and it feels good.

March 02, 2011

It’s all about the Journey - Featured Writer Lynnette Horton

I met Lynnette through a good friend of mine - Kelly.  Kelly was always talking about her amazing, funny friend who is extremely tough mentally and physically.  She talked about her weight loss journey, and how she started doing triathlons.  I was so impressed!  It was so inspiring to here her story and know that no matter how many trials we have in our life, they can always be overcome.  Lynnette has taught me to truly believe in who you are as a person.  If you want something bad enough hold on tight and fight for it.  Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey of life.  Can't wait to formally meet you Lynnette!

It’s all about the Journey - Featured Writer Lynnette Horton
On March 28, 2010 my sister Patti was signed up for the 2010 Lavaman Triathlon in Waikoloa Hawaii. Patti had been training for this event for a year and a few months prior to the race she had realized that she would not have anyone with her in Hawaii to support her and she asked me if I would come to the island to watch her race? I told her, without a doubt, yes. Little did I know that this is the day my life would change forever!
Let me back up a bit, before I get into the details of my journey I must give you a bit of my history. I am the youngest of four children. I have two older sisters and one older brother. I really could have been considered an only child because there is an 8 years difference between my next sibling and I. My parents divorced when I was young and I really did not get to know my brother and sisters very well. It was not until my early twenties that my sister Patti and I were sitting on the beach in Hawaii sharing some facts about our childhood that our lives were forever changed. It was from that day forward that I new my sister and I would be forever inseparable. Though we live thousands of miles apart now, we are each other’s best friend, soul sister, and training partner.

As I watch Patti reach her goal of completing her first Olympic Triathlon on the Big Island of Hawaii, I instantly new that this was an accomplishment that I wanted to achieve. I have always been very active but this would in fact test my abilities as it would anyone. I began my training immediately when I returned to Idaho. One of the first things I did when I got home was to purchase my road bike. I also set some goals for myself. As a 38 year old, obese, but very active woman, I new that I needed to achieve many of these goals in order to make it to race day.

The first goal was to start training in each discipline on a regular basis along with continuing my strength training. I have always loved to bike as well as swim but I was always worried about the run because of my weight. As an overweight person, I like many others have lost weight many times. In fact, I have lost up to 100 pounds on three different occasions but for various reasons have gained it back. A few years a go a close friend of mine had Lap and surgery. My friend really wanted me to consider it myself but, at the time, I just was not ready… until now.

Goal two. Lap Band Surgery. This is no small feat. There are many qualifications and requirements one must over come. I was required to loose 10% of my body weight before even being considered. There were many tests and many doctors but on June 17, 2010 I reached goal number 2.

Before Lap band Surgery

Goal number three. Start narrowing down my training for the Y not Tri in Boise. This is a sprint triathlon held in August in Boise. The race consisted of a 400-meter swim, 12-mile bike, and 2 mile run. I never could have imagined myself running, let alone running a triathlon. One thing that really made this race special was that my sister Patti happened to be in town from Hawaii and she ran the race with me as well as my husband. It was such an amazing experience to share with both of them.

In October I went to Hawaii for two weeks of training. This is the reality finally set in. My trip also encompassed the World Championship Ironman Triathlon. My sister and I set out for a quick swim the Friday before the event, she told me “all of the triathlete’s will be resting”. WHATEVER! When we arrived at the pier there were hundreds of people down there, some watching and many swimming. It was that day that got over my fear of swimming with other athletes. It is all about the energy from the islands!

My winter training moved forward as I joined the Tri club at the local YMCA. Everyone was so helpful and welcoming! I have spent hours on the computrainer in the basement of the Y; received coaching tips from world-class athletes, and made many new friends! Who would have thought that I would be running 12 – 16 miles per week? I still can’t believe it!

I am now just under a month away from goal number 4, completing The 2011 Lavaman Triathlon, I am nervous, eager and ready! I look forward to updating all of you on my status in the coming months. In the meantime, love your family and friends, live your best life, and above all relish in the things that bring out the best in you!

This is one of the most current pictures that I have. I have lost 60 pounds to ate and I am loving every minute of my training! Bring on the 2011 Lavaman!
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