July 29, 2010

Bella Rosa Jersey's now for sale

Girls, I am making the Bella Rosa jersey's available to the public.  You can join in the fun by being a part of a team.  The Bella Rosa Team.  You will be able to purchase the jersey's through paypal.  Thanks Mattie for being my model.
Sorry girls, jackets are SOLD OUT!

July 28, 2010

Cycling 101 - Featured Writer Stephanie Hancock

CYCLING 101 - Stephanie Hancock
When it comes to cycling, I'm the first to admit that I am way out of my comfort zone. Running is easy - you just kinda put one foot I front of then other and go. Sure, there are things you can hone in on, like form and intervals, but pretty much anyone can jog without much instruction. Swimming I do just because I like it and since I took lessons as a kid, it also pretty much just happens. There are tons of things I can work on there - balance, technique, and conditioning - but it doesn't make me uncomfortable. Not like my bike does.
So I used to think cycling was just hopping on and going, like lacing up my running shoes and taking off. I guess for most cyclists that's really how it is, but for yours truly this is a new sport for me and new things terrify me. Ever meet someone who wants to be perfect at anything she tries? And if she isn't doing it right she's convinced she's a full-blown failure? That'd be me. So the very fact that I've been hopping on and joining rides is a huge deal for me.

Why in the world am I even stretching myself like this if it's so tough? Well, because of a lot of reasons. Some of the very neatest ladies I know are great cyclists (and also very patient, especially when I had flat a few rides ago). I love being in their company. It is also a fabulous cross-training workout, which helps curb boredom and avoid over-use injuries while training for marathons. I'm also branching out because my husband, who can't run, can (and does) ride, so this is something we can do together.
And the number one reason I'm sticking with this sport - well, surprise surprise, because it's just plain fun! I don't need to know all the ins and outs of components and cadence and climbing before I have fun. I don't need to be an expert at the sport before I even dare try it in the first place (how backwards is that?)! That knowledge will come with experience, and if I make a mess of things in the meantime, well, so what? At least I'm having a good time.

With winter gone and basement workouts on my trainer now a dim memory, I am thrilled to get out and go farther and faster on wheels than ever in my running shoes. I still love my running (and swimming), but my cute little bike is becoming quite the friend. Who knows, I may even get serious enough to invest in a really cool bike someday (I'll see if I can impress my husband by becoming a biker chick).

Now that I'm daring to make a fool of myself (and honestly having too much fun to care anyway), I'm beginning to dare to learn the mysteries of the bike universe and have even asked my husband to teach me to change a flat. Yup. I asked. I haven't actually learned yet, but hey - baby steps, right?

July 25, 2010

How many women does take to fix a flat?

Wow, what a beautiful morning for a ride.  Good friends = good times.  We headed out this morning at 6:30am with a temperature of 45 degrees and protein shake in hand.  Wasn't somebody telling me that it is SUMMER time?  BURRR! 

Well, that didn't stop us from making our journey north to Harriman. 
 This is Harriman State Park. 
Isn't she beautiful? 
I feel pretty fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. 
Our destination was to head south here - Lower Mesa and then head back home.
As we were enjoying our cycling journey we were suddenly stopped by a minor mechanical problem.  Yeah, 15 miles in with one bar cell coverage, and a few very unprepared women we get a flat.  Let's just talk for a moment about being prepared.  Seven women, seven bicycles,
and only ONE prepared lifesaver (thanks Dawn). 

Dawn was the only prepared one out of the bunch.  She came stocked with tube, and CO2. Now, you think that would be enough for us to continue on our journey.  Well, let's just say things didn't go as planned.  After inflating the CO2 we started on our way.  Within a couple of moments we knew our flat repair job was NOT top notch.  A bulge!  Yeah, you heard it a bulge!  What the #$@)&!   

It turns out that my buddy and I walked for a very long time until our car support came back to get us.  We had such a friggin blast though.  It's amazing how much fun you can have walking with the bears in spandex and your bike by your side. 

So my goal is to educate myself and others on the importance of cycling prepardness. (pics to follow)

July 22, 2010

Head badge INPUT

So I need all of your expert advice.  I am trying to nail down the head badge, and need your help.  What you like and don't like about it?  Any input would be great.  I am thinking it might be just a little too busy??  Share your thoughts.

July 21, 2010


All I want to do right now is ride this pretty thing.  Wow, there is nothing more sexy than a custom ride.

July 20, 2010

CRC bike race

Over the weekend we got to spend some time in Capital Reef for the CRC bike race.  It's always a good time for mental rehab.  Yeah, watching all these fast buggers with their tight butts makes me want to scream.  Well, let's just say I'm a little jealous of those buns.  Every year I am motivated to be better, to work harder and to toughen up for the next years race.   And each year comes and goes with NO hope for Heather riding.  How in the world to people do it?  Seriously?  How do you find the time to train with the busy schedules?  Please, could you answer this question for me?
It was fun having some of the local Kelson guys travel such long distances to attend.  Brian was ill last week so he was unable to ride, but he went along and was a great asset to the race organizers.  Capital Reef is where Brian's folks live so we were able to hang out and do some other amazing fun things. 
We herded cattle.  Yeah, I don't even know what the word herd means, but we took them from one place to another. 
 My boys sure had a blast.   

So what did I learn this weekend?  I learned that I have a lot of room for improvement.  I learned that with alot of hard work and dedication anyone can get in shape enough to ride the CRC race.  I will be starting today focusing on getting my buns in shape so "next year"  I can join in the fun of riding in the Capitol Reef Classic

July 11, 2010

Life ? ? ? Awesome

Jill has been so patient waiting for her new custom ride.  Sometimes things like this are sure worth waiting for.  We are still waiting on some new custom head badges that will finish off the new look of her Bella bike.  A few new parts might also help aid in that finished look.  Super stoked for you girl. 

I have been trying to figure out how to take good product shots of the bikes.  After pulling out my hair, scratching out my eyeballs, and beating a few things up against the wall I am hear to tell you "I STILL HAVE NOT FIGURED IT OUT"!  So for now . . . this is what you get to look at. 
 I promise she is so much more beautiful in person.

For a moment there I thought I forgot to log back into the Bella blog . . . it's been so long.  How have you all been?  I truly miss talking to you.  Life has been absolutely amazing.  Amazingly busy, amazingly stressful, amazingly full of trials - but amazing.  It has truly been an exhausting month so far, but I am loving every minute of it.  I have been pondering quite a bit on Life.  Life is such a precious thing that can be swiped up from us in a few moments.  We don't know how long we will be here on this earth.  Some of us are even wondering why we are here on this earth.  For now, I am just truly greatful to be living in this moment right now. Let me explain. 

During early spring my sister-in-law and her kids were involved in a rollover accident close to her home.  She rolled over into a ditch.  This ditch is usually full of water.  Where was the water?  Why were they spared? 

About a month ago my brother was hit by a car riding his motorcycle home.  The doctors wondered how he made it out without more severe injuries or death.  Why was he spared?

This last week, my brother-in-law was involved in a rollover with his son and dogs.  They were going 75 miles per hour and rolled the car 5 times.  They walked away with not even a scratch. Why were they spared? Our good friend Kaina (Whitney's dog) however was not. 

So, today it makes me wonder a little bit about LIFE, and how freakin awesome it truly is.  You never know when it will be your turn to kick the bucket so just be extremely thankful for your life and everyone in it. 
Freak, isn't this bike amazing. This is his new build for David. My husband ROCKS! My pictures however need some serious professional HELP.

July 02, 2010

Jersey LOVE

So today I spent the day trying to find out what happened to our Kelson/Bella jersey order.  The Fedex man said he had delivered our package, but not to the correct address.  So I tracked them down.  It only took me a couple of important hours, but I did find them at some old man's home.  He was kind enough to hand them over, but not without saying that they didn't belong to me and he was going to keep them.  After many moments of explanation he finally let them loose.  It was like he had fallen in LOVE with them or something. 
You have all waited so patiently.  Well, the waiting is over.  They are here . . . . . .  Safe and sound.
They completely ROCK my world.  Seriously, I couldn't be happier. 
These are the team jackets.  S M O O T H!

Here is Kelton my little guy sporting the jersey.  It's a little big for you bud, but you will grow into it.

It is going to be so fun watching all of you during your group rides/races wearing your cool new threads.  Christina over at rootedinpaperandart.blogspot.com designed the Bella jerseys and deserves a big shout out.  She is extremely talented.  So if you are in need of any rad ideas for wedding or baby invites. . . . she's your girl.  Gheen over at gheenhillman.com designed the Kelson jerseys.  What talented people you both are.

If you didn't get a chance to pre-order your Bella jersey and would like one, please e-mail me.  I would love to hook you up.

July 01, 2010

Medicare & Miles - Featured Writer Mary Fran Jeppesen

Do you ever really think about what life might be like thirty years from now? Will you be able to get out of bed in the morning? Will your bones and muscles scream in agony? Will your hair be thinned, and wrinkles deep? Will your butt have grown in immense proportions? These are things that cross my mind on a daily basis. I don't want to grow old. After reading Mary Frans article - I think that thirty years from now sounds pretty dang good. I will be turning 66 years old and loving every minute of it. Sweet! I wish my birthday was tomorrow so I could celebrate.
Medicare & Miles - Featured Writer Mary Fran Jeppesen
On Thursday, June 17 I signed up for Medicare. Now what could make you feel older than that? What do you think of when you think of Medicare? It makes me think of shuffling around with a walker, sitting in a doctor’s office, or a nursing home. It’s kind of amazing how fast it happens. It was a little depressing to think that in three months I would be 65 and truly be a senior citizen. Do I feel like a senior citizen? Heck no!!

Well to prove that I was not all the way old, as my little grandson puts it, I decided to go on a bike ride with some friends the next Saturday. We started in Pocatello and biked up Mink Creek and through Arbon Valley. The Choke Cherries and spring flowers were in bloom. They truly smelled like spring. There’s a hard up hill at the beginning of the ride and I am always glad to get to the top. From there it’s an easy down and flat through some beautiful farm country. There were cattle ranches and horse ranches and no traffic at all. And it’s a nice paved road. Just before Malad there was another long up hill. By the time we had reached Malad we had ridden 74 miles and 77 miles was the furthest I had ridden this year and I had another 58 to ride. I was a little nervous!

We had a good lunch in Malad . I was hoping I would feel better after lunch and a little rest but I was still pretty tired. My friends kept telling me there was only one more hill and I was not looking forward to it. Coming up out of Devil’s Creek Reservoir I thought I was done and they would have to come back and get me…but I couldn’t give up. I stopped and took a Gu Roctane. In a few minutes I felt like new. It was amazing!! The 58 miles back to Pocatello on the east side of the freeway was even more impressive than the west side. There were beautiful farms and ranches, lots of fun downhill and some up. And I made all of it feeling good. It took us just under nine hours.
This weekend my sister and I did our yearly trip from Little Elk through Water Fall Canyon , to Upper Palisades Lake and out Palisades Creek. It’s a beautiful run after you get down and across the snow fields. We made it in record time this year.
I signed up for Medicare on Thursday and rode my bike 133 miles on Saturday and ran Water Fall Canyon 20 miles in 7 ½ hours so I guess I’m not all the way old yet…..Thanks goodness!

Grandma (Mary Fran ) Jeppesen
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