March 08, 2010

Life is a journey

My mother is an amazing photographer. 
This is some of her amazing work.  Hope you get feeling better grandma.
I think I might be on the verge of a serious melt down.  H..E...L...P ! ! !  What is happening around here?  You try and put one foot forward and it seems you fall 10 feet back.  Is it just me or is this happening to many of you?  I think that must be Gods way of saying "Pick your butt back up, work harder so you can  become stronger."  With the recent medical issues with my husband Brian it has taken a lot out of us both physically and emotionally.  I say us because it seems that I have been right there with him suffering when he suffers.  He is still have many problems that surgery was suppose to fix.  Is life ever going to be an easy roll?  Will we ever get ahead?  We have been working on this show bike for Bella Rosa for ages, and can't seem to make any progress on it with LIFE getting in the way.  Wow, that was a serious complaining session.  Let's just say that tomorrow is another day.  Here is my to do list for tomorrow.
  • Work on business loan
  • Play with Cooper
  • New head badge design
  • Feed Cooper, play with Cooper some more
  • Work on syllabus for biking 101
  • Pick up kids from school, entertain Cooper, run kids to activities 
  • Check on Grandma Alice - having tumor removed from bladder
  • Feed kids after school snack, listen to kids argue about absolutely nothing
  • O.K. Bella Rosa jersey fabric
  • Do homework with kids, feed dinner, check on grandma, practice guitar, run dog
  • Order Bella Rosa jerseys
  • Feed kids more food, clean up messes from the day, kiss them goodnight
  • Hopefully fall asleep on the couch at 11:00pm from exhaustion!
I know many of your days are exactly like mine.  So many things to do, with not so much daylight.  Super stoked about daylight savings time coming up this next week.  We will all have a few more hours of daylight to hopefully P..L..A..Y ! !  Life is a daily journey with so many mixed emotions.  Hopefully one day I can find a way to turn trials into absolute POWER.  For now, be happy you are alive.  Be happy you live in a place with such amazing freedom.  Be happy you are healthy and you have a roof over your head.  So for now........ I am absolutley happy and a little wore out.  Good night.


Libby said...

Ah hell! Sometimes life sucks, right? Sometimes you have to just BREATHE and then move forward.

Love you!

Jen...not libby :)

Jana said...

Dang woman. Didn't know you could write so poetically! You are amazing. So MANY talents. Don't stop doing what you love. Everything else can wait!

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