June 23, 2011

Life Rolls On

(Jenny, your bike is looking so stinkin cool)
So I have to tell you that life has been a wicked fun roller coaster lately.  I can only say how greatful I am for the amazing opportunities that have come my way.  So many things have happened lately that I don't even know where to begin.  My blogging skills totally bite, but be patient  - good things to come.

The other day I had the opportunity to go for a ride.  A ride that took me back in time.  A ride that made me cry, but at the same time put a huge smile on my face.  I got to ride with my hubby Brian.  It's been almost 13 years since I have been on a road ride with him.  No, let me explain.  Do you have kids?  Well, I have three of them and thirteen years ago I gave birth to my first amazing child.  That is pretty much when life halted all things fun.  Brian was always watching the kids while I went riding, and I watched the kids while he went riding.  Now, thirteen years later I have started giving them a little bit of responsibility.  As long as they are alive when I return two hours later . . . . it's a good day.  I think I made Brian sweat a little.  He only made me cry once.  Freak, that was a good workout.
Brian has been insanely busy.  I think the hardest part for him is working at home.  He has a small studio building that he builds out of, but when he is at work, it's hard to work.  Here is an example.  Today his friend called to ask to borrow his drift boat to go fishing.  Off he goes with the boat.  Brian goes back to welding, and an hour later gets a panic call saying your boat is at the bottom of the river.  He heads out to save his boat.  Poor guy just wants to work.  He is constantly helping the community and everyone around him.  I just keep telling him to say NO, and throw everyone the bird, but he thinks that his duty is to help the whole universe.  Tonight we are off to teach little boys about bike safety.  Work, what's that?When?  Life around these parts rolls on.  Life is amazing, and I am living it every day.

So far I have been sugar free for 23 days.  I have lost a total of eight pounds( THIRTY to go) and I have more energy than ever.  The only problem is I WANT A FRIGGIN SNICKERS BAR!!!!

June 13, 2011

Utah Bike Fit

We made a quick trip down to Utah this weekend for some serious bike business.  Yesterday, we fit Tiffany (the most amazing girl on the planet) for a Bella Rosa bike.  When it was time to ask questions about flexibility, she past the test with flying colors.  Tiffany, can almost kiss her own butt!  How would that be?  I would love to just be able to touch my toes.  Way to go Tiff, it was so fun meeting you.

Today, Brian has more business in SLC doing a few more fittings for cross and road frames.  I wish I could go with him and be his sidekick apprentice.  Each time I learn more and more about bike fit.  I truly enjoy learning more about bikes.  If you are in the SLC area and want to ride faster, contact me regarding setting up a custom fit for your current bike.

I will spend the afternoon with the kiddos in search of the perfect SLC activity.  Talk with you all soon about the updated trip.  Get out and ride.

June 05, 2011

Healthy eating update

So some of you have been asking how the eating program has been going.  Happy to say, that I have been working hard to achieve my goal.  Here are a few things I have been doing to stay on track.

  1. Sugar addict - CONQUERED.  This was the hardest part for me.  For the first three days I had serious withdrawls.  Headaches, stomach pains, and serious PMS.  

  1. Eating about two fruits a day - I love fruit.  I could eat it for every meal!  

  1. Eating unlimited amounts of greens.  Freak, I think this is making me a wee bit constipated!  Bring on the Kefer.
  2. Sticking with low fat proteins.  Chicken, and fish.

  1. Exercising a minimum of 4 days per week.  
It has been three weeks and currently down 6 pounds.  YIPPEE!  

Have you ever picked up a five pound dumbbell and thought that it was pretty heavy?  It's amazing how quickly it can pack on over the years.  THIRTY pounds to go.  I will keep you updated on the progress, and if any of you feel like joining in just drop me a line!  
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