May 29, 2011

Early Morning Rides

So early morning rides are going to become a regular scheduled event on my calendar this summer.  It is the only way I will be able to get my rides in. . . . EARLY!  Here is a short vid I made up of our little journey through the woods.  Come join us.

Last night it was suppose to snow close to 6", but thank goodness the weather man was wrong so me and a good friend headed out for some torture in the cold (38 degrees cold).  Here are a couple short clips of our painful journey.  I definitely don't consider myself a videographer, but thought it would be fun to start sharing clips of my little life, and my back yard.

We decided to do Anderson Mill backwards which means ALL up hill.  Now, all I have to say to that is FREAK!  You can spin all winter long indoors, but when it comes to getting out on the real mountain, it means serious PAIN.

I get a little freaked out when it comes to wolves and bears.  We have a lot of them around here.  Ran into some FRESH bear poo on the way and I was wanting to turn back, but little Jenny just persisted up the friggin hill leaving me thinking about pedaling a lot faster.  I caught right back up knowing there was a bear on my tail.

By the time we headed down the mountain we we SUPER cold.  Trudging through drifts and the misty rain made my toes and brain stiff.  It took pretty much all day sitting by a fire with my robe and hot chocolate to thaw out, but you know what . . . . . . . . . it was totally worth it.  Call if you would like to join us on our early morning bike rides.

1 comment:

jenhirr said...

buy a head cam heather! i am sooooooo jealous!

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