May 16, 2011

12 Week Challenge - AGAIN?

                Alright girls, it's time that I truly admit I have problems. 

(hike in the rain with my amazing hubby)
I know, we all have problems but at some point and time we need to deal with those problems.  I think I have already blogged about this issue several times before, but the past few days I am really wanting to share my issues with others.  I am a woman!  I am full grown adult woman!  I have needs and wants.   Currently those needs are

*Good food
*Good friends
*Supportive family life

So far I have all that I could ever ask for and more.  Here are a list of wants that don't seem too off the wall.

*More food
*More food that is not good for me
*More food

Here is my problem.  I LOVE food.  No, seriously I LOVE bad food (sugary food).  I am truly addicted to crap!  I know I have problems starting projects and not following through to the end.  Is it just me?  Why can't I commit?

I love exercise.  I enjoy waking up early to teach my bi-weekly spin class.  I love evening runs by the river.  I even love pumping iron.  All these things make me feel empowered.  But for some reason I can't seem to figure out why I can't drop weight if I am only eating 4 candy bars in a day while chugging down my diet pepsi.  I thought it was suppose to counterbalance the candy bars.  Well, I was reading "Racing Weight"
and Matt says that you can not eat 4 candy bars in one day and lose weight.  That was super cool to hear.  Now I think I have it all figured out. 
For the past few years I have wanted to do the Capital Reef Classic bike race with my husband.  It is a very well organized race that we have attended since it began.  For a brief moment I thought about riding in it this year (July), but came to the realization that I am not in "fit" shape to do it.  I am what I consider to be a fit overweight cyclist.  Does this make sense?  I feel fit!  But at the same time I have a high percentage of body fat.  Matt also says in his book that "A runner weighing 160 pounds has to muster about 6.5 percent more energy to run the same pace as a runner weighing 150 pounds." No wonder why all my skinny friends were beating me to the finish line.  I get it!

So, in order for me to really work on my issues I have to commit to something big.  So here we go again!  For the next 12 weeks I am committed to eating healthy and exercising.  I will chart my progress along with my (hopeful) weight loss/fat loss journey so that I can start achieving some of the goals I have put off for so many years.  Please help me along the way!  Those freakin Oreo's are calling my name.  

  • Cardio at least 5 days per week
  • Weights 3 days per week
  • Healthy eating plan
  • Chart progress
  • Lose body fat
  • Attend one cycling race/event without pooping my pants
  • Enjoy the journey

1 comment:

Jillicious said...

easy peasy, h-dawg! you got this! leave the oreos in the grocery store and keep on rockin your fitness! thanks for inspiring me TOO!

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