July 29, 2011

That's Life

I know we are all busy.  I know we all have our daily routine of long to dos.  As mother's, and women we also have the daily to dos of everyone else.  We take care of the house.  We are chefs by nature, we are housekeepers by trade, we are kid lawyers, and motherly nurses.  We can freakin do it all!  Why, oh why do we have such amazing responsibilities?  This is kind of how I feel about so many responsibilities.
Although we have so much to accomplish in one day we some how find a way to get it done, and move on.  If we don't get it done, we find a way to cope with life just the way it is.  It's definitely not easy, but who said it was going to be?
(photo I took of a local hometown country girl)
The photography studio has been amazing.  I have been booked solid, and can't be more greatful for this opportunity in my life.  It was a year ago that I received my camera as a gift from my parents.  They knew how bad I wanted to take photos of Brian's bikes so they surprised me with a wonderful gift.  Look where it has taken me.

The boys are in full soccer swing.  Guess who has decided to coach?  Brian has graciously volunteered his time and talents to the soccer kids.  I know I say this all the time, but he is amazing.  How does he find the time?  He says that his kids are only young once and they will be gone before we know it.
Jenny came up yesterday to pick up her amazing cx bike.  Brian, Jenny, and I went for such an amazing ride.
CX season is right around the corner and I'm trying to grow some balls to race this year.  Alright, that sounded a little crude, but seriously - why the heck am I so chicken when it comes to racing?  It was never a problem 20 years ago.

Like I say, life is a crazy roller coaster - so get on and enjoy the ride.


Jillicious said...

and race the dang CX race, heather! you'll rock it! awesome pix! so glad your business is doing so well!

Shirley Clan said...

Great pics Heather. Once again I say, "you are truly talented." Awesome, beautiful gal!

I keep trying to talk Ryan into doing a family pic and maybe, just maybe he'll let you do the job. I'm trying my darndest.

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