March 19, 2011

Dreaming Makes Me Smile

So, I'm over it!  Yeah, you heard me.  This living your dream is for the birds!  Listen to my pathetic song of "cry me a river".  Well, I am a little heart broken about the lack of blog posts lately.  I just haven't had time.  Here is a rundown of the amazingly busy schedule.  I know "cry me a river".
    Photography studio - the progress on the photography studio is absolutely amazing.  Brian has been putting his dreams on hold (building bikes) to make his wife (me) happy.
(Check out my hot husband posing it up!  If he finds out I put this on my blog he will seriously KILL me.  I guess I will find out if he reads my blog or not.)

Brian has taken off the past two months for the remodel.  Everyday he has been working his tail off texturing, laying floor, and painting.  I tell you what . . . I owe him big time!  Is this what the big dream is all about?  Working your tail off, spending money you never knew you had or don't have, and feeling guilty you left your children at the bus stop with no ride home.  No, I'm not that pathetic.  Livin' the dream does not feel that great right now.  Gallery pics showed up today - YEEHAAWW!  Studio opening April 1st.

    Bella Rosa Bikes - Winter has been pretty painful.  A few too many unwanted pounds has made me crave my summer bike rides.  I know I have said this over and over but seriously Mother Nature - melt some friggin snow. The bluebird bike is ready for paint.  I don't even think I have shown you the design yet.  Here she is!  She is so beautteeefffuulll.

Bluebird will only be available for a limited time only and only a few number will be made.  I will talk about this soon.  So EXCITED to paint one of these babies up.

I have been lacking in creativity without a current graphic designer.  The problem I have been having is this - New bike design ideas, but no great designer to implement them.  I was looking forward to taking some Bella Rosa Bikes down to the Utah Little Red in June.   I think it's pretty much impossible without a few extra hands.  Livin' the dream does not feel that great right now.
    Rusty Mill - Life at the Rusty Mill has been busy.  We have been building frames like crazy.  No, not bike frames, but picture frames.  Livin' the dream does not feel that great right now.
    Hair Salon - March 1st we took possession of a hair salon.  Yeah, that's just what Brian wants to be doing right now - running a hair salon.  Well, it's definitely not our dream job since I barely know how to wash my hair, but the previous owners were not paying rent so we took back over the building that we rent and now have a hair salon to go with it.  Freak, livin' the dream really doesn't feel that great right now.
So there you have it.  Another cry me a river post.  I tell you what though . . . Life is amazing!  I LOVE being alive!  I thrive on hard work!  So for now, this is my dream . . . . and it feels good.


jenhirr said...

heather, you are awesome! i love you.

Dawn said...

You have been One Very Busy person!!!!
And that bike? BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Bella Rosa Bikes said...

@Jenn, I miss you too girl! Someday we will get to hang out.

Bella Rosa Bikes said...

Dawn, I love being busy. Yeah, can't wait to get paint on that beauty. Hope you are well. How's the training going? You are one busy girl also.

Jillicious said...

h-dawg! you are a friggin animal! i LOVE it! bri's picture was so rad! man, you are the shiz! is there anything you don't do? good luck with the new studio! you're a rock star!

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