January 15, 2011


Alright, I'm not much for giveaways because no matter how many times I enter something I NEVER win.  Let me repeat . . . NEVER win.  So, this is going to be super duper easy for one of my 4 readers to win one of these adorable little kid tees.   Well, actually I do have a few more than 4 readers but who's counting.  Choose from orange or white.
How to enter…

  • “Like” us on Facebook  and spread the word about our site.  Tell your friends about Bella Rosa Bikes. 
  • Then come back here and leave your comments to win! Seriously, we LOVE comments, and definitely don't get enough of them.  These amazing women writers need your support.  They need to know that others are learning and growing from their amazing stories. 
The lucky weekly winner will be announced January 23. Happy day to you all! 


Nicole D Stoddard said...

Hi Heather - is this where I post a comment to try to win the BRIGHT ORANGE SHIRT?

Sorry I didn't come exercise of Friday. That little devil in me had me sleeping in.

I will say that I love spinning with you - you're a great coach.

We'll I've never been almost 50 before and it really hit home - this business of being almost 50 when I went skiing with a friend who brought along another friend who is almost 25 - EEKK! That's half my age.

Let's check the math . . . .half my age and twice as fast. Is that trig or something? Cause I can't quite wrap my mind around it. She left me in a flurry of snow and I was huffin and puffin to try to keep up. I finally said to myself (on the angel side), oh I just want to enjoy the scenery - all the while my other side (you know, the little devil that made it easy to sleep in instead of going to the gym on Friday) said - Oh Crap! This is what it means to be 50. From now on you're gonna be the oldest one every time. TEARS!

Then I went to Yoga the next night and YAHOO! I think there was only one person younger than me. I LOVE YOGA!


Nicole, Ashton ID

Bella Rosa Bikes said...

Oh Nicole, you crack me up! You are the most amazing almost 50 year old I know. You are absolutely amazing! Way to go girl.

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