January 30, 2011

Doctors said "Fail" Featured writer Shelly McKee

It makes me wonder how some people are able to overcome such incredible odds when it comes to mental power and the body.  How people run when doctors said they will never walk.  How the absolute impossible, becomes possible.  I love that Shelly was able to overcome her odds.  She has shown her doctors that hard work and mental stability make dreams come true.  Way to go girl.  Proud of you.

What motivates me?  Featured writer Shelly McKee

The single thing that motivates me the most is when my doctors told me that I would probably need hip replacements and knee replacements by the age of 30.  That was when I was 16 years old. When I turned 16 I was told that I have this connective tissue disease that effects all soft tissue in my body, and from they’re on forward I would have to be extremely careful with activities and just life in general.

Six years later I was finally able to get out of all the bracing and past the need for support to start riding a bike. I never thought at the age of 34 that I would be getting ready for my second season of racing. This coming year I have some big goals, as I did last year with getting through my first stage race -  that being the green mountain stage race. Cycling is becoming more of a lifestyle for me than ever before.

Now, all I think about is what is the next thing the next level I can get to that the doctors said I would never be able to get to?  I have been riding for about 12 years.  Six of those years have been mountain biking.  I then switched over to road and i'm in my 6th year of road riding.  I have my first season of racing behind me.  I am training hard now going into my second off season.  Currently I have a coach over looking what I am doing to get me ready for next year. Next year is going to be a big year for me since the Canadian Masters Nationals are going to be close to my hometown and I will be competing in the time trial, road race and more than likely the criterion.

Dean Alleger out of Sacramento California has been coaching me for the past year. Dean has been able to help me balance my training, racing, home life and work. With Dean’s initial interview for new athletes lets him understand you right away. The interview let’s him understand what you want out of your training, how many hours you’re able to put into your training in a given week, then asks about your health and any special conditions. With my special condition we were able to figure out what I could do and then move on from there. Over this coming winter there are many things planned for me with the up coming season with hopes of peaking twice and many stage races in my future. I cannot wait for the season to start with my first series of races in Rome Georgia this year.

Shelly Mckee


Dawn said...

Amazing! Absolutely incredible and what an inspiring story!!!
You put a lot of us to shame! Way to defy the odds and use your spirit to fight back!
Never Fail!
You rock girl!!!!!

Bella Rosa Bikes said...

I totally agree! So cool.

Shell said...

thank you girls. that's means a lot to me. :-)

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