October 29, 2010

Feed Zone - Priority

This picture just makes me laugh.  No, I mean bursting out in laughter with tears rolling down my cheeks - laugh.  It reminds me so much of myself, but without the extremely large pointy boobies.  I am sure we have all been there!  Waiting for that special someone to roll up with sweat dripping down their faces to hand them a nice cold bottle of ice water.  Oh, how it makes us feel important to know that we somehow contributed to the success of their race.

Let me explain how nature sometimes take precedence over the feed zones.  Race day - 80 miles of traitorous terrain.  Brian had volunteered me to be at two different feed zones taking care of two different riders (my husband included).  I was prepared to succeed.  When both Brian and Tim reached feed zone number one I was waiting with bells on running like the girl in the photo above, but without the pointy boobies.  Success!  Feed zone number one down and one more to go.  Well, on the drive to the next feed zone mother nature was calling.  No, I mean she was screaming to stop.  Thank goodness for the Ranger's station that was so conveniently placed on the way to the next zone.  Oh what a feeling.  Enjoying the nice fresh air while gazing at God's beautiful country.  It wasn't until I noticed racers screaming past my car that I started to stress out a little.  Goodbye, great feeling  - hello nightmare.

To make an extremely long story short.  The bikers were a lot faster than my potty break.  As I was enjoying nature, and feeding my hungered soul - my husband zoomed past me in hopes of the next feeding grounds.  Yeah, I missed the feed zone - and with 40 more miles to go into a head wind I was going to face serious harsh looks for the rest of my life.  I was no longer feeling like the girl running down the road holding the nice fresh water bottle cheering her loved one on.  I felt guilt!  Holy ($)#*@ I missed the feed zone.   I did get crap for a while and I think it will take a lifetime of sarcastic remarks before Brian forgets about this event.  So, a solution to all of your female problems is this
  1. Shiz in the woods
  2. Shiz in my pants
  3. Hold it until my eyes start to water (I would suggest this one)
Hope you have a super duper Halloween night! Take your family down to the local Spooky Cross CX race.  Fun for the whole family.


Dawn said...

Did you ever get to be his "water girl" again?:))))

heather D said...

Oh Dawn, he couldn't live without me as a "water girl". I had to downsize my title though.

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