August 03, 2010

Break Down Barriers Featured Writer - Jennica Hirrlinger

Today is a good day. I'm sitting in a camp chair under cover of rustling aspen leaves, listening to my husband teach fundamentals as he throws passes to the kids. They, are tan skinned and sun-bleached and loving this active summer. Duke, our yellow lab, has placed himself in the "monkey in the middle position" and is happily chewing on a softball. The mountains on the horizon fade into the blue sky as the lillies stretch toward the sun. The grass is soft on my bare feet and my ankle has a gentle ache from my first post-sprain 10 miler. And my belly is full of fresh summer salads and chocolate chip cookies.

"Put it in the numbers, Linc!" says Jimmy to encourage proper quarter-backing technique. I hear the reciever giggle as the ball is caught, tucked, and carried back across the line of scrimmage. Cutting right to avoid a tackle makes the ball carrier's arms and legs look strong and the definition of the sinews would make even a seasoned athlete jealous.
Like I said, it's a really good day and it motivates me to get off the couch and resume tough training now that my ankle has healed enough. I have done a few workouts in the last couple weeks that have induced some disappointment with the back-slide of my fitness level and I have been forced to evaluate what training and racing really mean to me. It's tough to start over. It's tough to hurt again and work through sore muscles. But, experiencing this perfect day in the shade of my tree and watching my family and my football star, I'm reminded that it's worth it.

Um, did I mention that this particular football star is my 7 year old daughter?

Start over if you have to, break down barriers, and rock on, girls!

1 comment:

Jillicious said...

power to the female football star! i can truly empathize with you on the ankle injury. no bueno! keep taking your time with the rehab. i know you are the fastest chica in the upper valley whether or not you are proving it in races!

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