February 09, 2010

Motivation - CONTINUED

Alright, so we talked a little bit about having a goal or something to shoot for, right?  Did you decide which event you will be working towards?  If you are a beginner and have never had the amazing opportunity to ride your bike with other women - give it a shot.  You will love the girls day out, you will love the exercise, and you will love the fact that you just accomplished something you never thought you would. 

If you fall down all you have to do is have some amazing person pick you back up.   Check back often to find an updated list of local events that you can train for this coming season.  Think BIG, dream BIG!


Once you've decided to start cycling, make it as easy as possible to follow through. That means having what you need and getting it all ready for your workouts -- pack your gym bag, prepare meals or snacks, and plan out what you'll do that day. I've skipped plenty of morning workouts because finding my cycling shoes turned out the be the equivalent of finding the lost city of Atlantis. I now park them right next to the bed,  so all I have to do is step into them and I'm ready to go.

Part of doing what we do each day has to do with routine and habits. If you can make exercise a habit, you're that much closer to making it easier to do. It helps to have a regular day and time you workout so that, once that time comes, you know it's time to get busy. You can also create a ritual around your workout to help you get ready. For example, if you're a morning exerciser, take a few minutes to stretch before you get started. Or, if it's cold, throw your clothes in the dryer before putting them on. Find ways to make your workout just another part of your life, like brushing your teeth.

So start tomorrow.  Get those spandex out, be happy to be heading to spin class at 5:00am instead of riding in -30 degrees.  Make it a part of your life.  You will be happy you did.

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schuyler said...

oh yeah baby, cant wait for that new bella rosa bike!

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