January 27, 2010

Esteem - How do you rate?

Think for a brief moment about how you feel about life.  Are you happy and positive?  Now, think for a moment about how you feel about yourself.  Do you love what you see in the early morning mirror?  Well, if you are struggling a little bit with some feel good power you're not alone.

When the alarm buzzed at 5:15am this morning, and told me to get out of bed I thought to myself for a moment about how troubling it was just rolling out of bed.  My joints were a little achy as I stretched toward the sky.  I zipped to the bathroom to turn on the light and just about scared myself to death when I saw the image in the mirror.  Baggy eyes, new face lines, and yeah I felt like this...although I was not wearing my pocka dot bikini. 

As I headed out the door to spin class I struggled with the fact that I was not fast enough, strong enough, good enough to be teaching this class.  Why is it that we feel this way?  We are powerful women!  We are truly amazing!  So what in the world gets in our heads to make us think that we are powerless?  Well, I challenge all of you to start thinking in a higher light.  Wheather it's in your daily training or just living life.  Be proud of who you are.  Be greatful for those lines and achy joints.  So ask yourself....how do you rate? 


bBchronicles said...

Okay, what's going on - why are you posting photos of me?!? Luving the blog!

Anonymous said...

that is a radical photo jennica, where is it taken? LOVED the article, well done miss jenn! i too learned the whole "to be fueled properly is to move properly" dilema the hard way, words of wisdom! excellent writeup thoroughly enjoyed reading expertise from jennica, she knows whats up!

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