April 25, 2011


Seriously ladies, is this weekend over?  Happy to say that it was a truly amazing weekend.  Family, friends, and a case solved.  The kidos found out who the REAL Easter bunny was, and the chocolate thief was finally caught.

I have to admit that I started eating candy on Friday after a painful trip to Walmart left me with bags of opened candy sitting in the closet.  Hello, I had to open the candy to stuff the eggs but what was left over turned into a true problem.  Friday - candy!  Saturday - candy!  Sunday - candy!  All weekend long I munched (with the closet doors shut) on CANDY!  Here is the sad part.  Today I woke up and after a painful morning of spin class I headed directly into my kids rooms on a hunt for CANDY!  I quietly lifted the grass from the basket and stole everything that was possibly delicious.  Yeah, I headed to the next room and stole more from my sleeping child's basket.  Finally, I headed to the last room where I tip -toed in, lifted the grass, and heard a soft little voice say "mommy, why are you stealing my candy?"  I was caught.  All my kids will now know who stole their yummy Easter candy.  It was kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.

If there was an CAM (chocolate addiction meeting) here in town I would be attending daily.  WTH?  This has to stop NOW!  Could someone please tell me how to steal candy without getting caught?  No, really I just need help and it starts now.  How can I report to my faithful women cyclist friends and readers on becoming clean?  Do I need to go in depth about my life and where this all began?  Or do I just need to start training for an event that will help fulfill that gap?  Well, for the moment I will ponder on this painful event and let you know the outcome.  So, I'm heading to the gym in the morning to work off about 20 pounds of chocolate from a place I call HELLMART!


Dawn said...

Oh I could hug you right now. I thought I was the only chocolate thief;)
(Our kids should get together for meetings on how to deal with issues felt towards us;))

I have been going nuts on my bike trainer downstairs until it warms up enough to take the bike out. And running. Lots:)
BUT....still no answer in how to avoid the chocolate longing.....

Jenny-Jenny said...

I did the only possible thing that could work for the chocolate thief in our house. (ME) I only bought yucky, chewy, gummy, sour, candy this year for Easter Baskets. Nothing interesting for me to steal and the kids are still happy!

Bella Rosa Bikes said...

Dawn, I am happy to hear that you feel my pain. Dang I wish you lived a little closer so we could eat chocolate bunnies together.

Bella Rosa Bikes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bella Rosa Bikes said...

Jenny, what a great idea! Sad to say that I am also addicted to those nasty chewy sweets also. Maybe if I stuck with veggies for the baskets! Thanks for the comment.

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