February 22, 2011

Scream - Positive Energy

So, I have just downed my 4th cookie of the day.  I think I could easily shove about 5 more down without even gagging myself.  The kiddos got out of school early due to the high wind advisory along with more snow.  Yeah, more snow! 

Here is my good buddy Max - I think he is saying "WTH"

The past few days we have racked up 16 more inches, and you know what that makes me do?  Eat cookies. . . . lots of cookies!
I did my 5am workout this morning.  I think that calls for at least 4,000 calories of cookie consumption.

 I know that this blog is about being positive and having a great outlook on life.  Well, let's just say that we are taking a small break from that word.  Have you read the book "The Secret"?  I totally believe in the principals behind the book. 
So I walked outside and took a couple snap shots of the snow situation. 
Now, I am giving off positive energy . . . . thinking of a warm beach . . . . . .cookies . . . . . bikini (well, maybe not yet) . . . warm beach.  After a long winter of being cooped up inside "I LONG FOR A BEACH"! 

Yeah, it measures around 5'
My positive thoughts are currently focused on warm riding weather.  Alright, back to the positive attitude.  Thanks for letting me vent.


Shelly said...

Your blog is totally cute today. Thank you for sharing your cookie story. I understand the longing for getting outdoors and riding.

Dawn said...

So sick of all this snow...and as much as I try to skate and ski and have fun with it..ENOUGH ALREADY! Bring on the beach and my bike-able roads!!!!!!!
We need to meet up at a beach if this doesn't turn around soon.
For now...I'm turning INTO a cookie! Regardless of those ridiculous 5am swims and workouts:(

Bella Rosa Bikes said...

Shelly, cookies warm my soul. But too many cookies make me a serious witch. @ Dawn, where do you want to go? I'm totally in!

kelly said...

i love the photographs and totally get where you are coming from. wisconsin keeps getting more and more and i keep looking at my bike, longing for open roads, warm sun and endless rides. soon!!!

Barbie said...

LOVE those photo's especially of your gorgeous dog.

Bella Rosa Bikes said...

@Kelly, I think spring is in the air!! It's snowing outside right now, but I'm feeling the flowers wanting to blossom.... Soon.
@barb, he is the best running partner and mountain bike friend ever. I will tell him you said that.

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