November 27, 2010

Job Hunt

Alright, so I have been gone for a bit.  Not on vacation, but working . . . working . . . working.  I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loads of turkey, and family fun.  Due to the fact that I have to work Thanksgiving and Christmas this year I am considering quiting one of my day jobs.  Help me out with this one.  Here is a current list of my daily works and I am needing to dwindle it down to a few favorites.
  • Bella Rosa Bikes - this is my passion!  I LOVE my job here, and WON'T give it up.  It makes me happy.  It brings peace to my inner soul.  It completes me.

  • Rusty Mill  - My good friend Kelly and I have started making frames, and other rad wood stuff .  We love it, and I DON'T want to give this up either.
  • Born Ready - I sell kid tees at the local craft shows.  I LOVE this and don't want to give this up either.
  • Photography - This is a hobby that has turned into a true passion. Opening up a photography collective in small college town next month. I am in LOVE with my camera, and don't want to give this up either.
  • FULL TIME MOTHER & WIFE - This is my favorite of all favorites!  I couldn't ask for anything more.  I am in love with my family, and don't want to give up this fun full time job.
  • HOSPITAL - I have worked at the hospital for 15 years.  I am greatful for this job, but don't LOVE it.  I can't quite give it up due to stability.  Freak, life is confusing.
So, because you are my friends and help me with all of my issues - I NEED HELP!  I'm on the job hunt. . . the hunt to dwindle down the things I don't enjoy.  The problem is I LOVE all of them.  Oh dear Bella friends, please help.


bBchronicles said...

LOOKS TO ME like the only one you DON'T LOVE is the HOSPITAL!!! Reread your bullet entitled HOSPITAL: "I am grateful for this job, but don't LOVE it." There's your answer!
Luv, Mom

Dawn said...

Oh I agree with the above comment!
Sometimes Stability isn't worth Sanity!

Love those frames!!!!

Anonymous said...

woman....i know you are torn because you have been with the hospital for so long.... but REALLY! drop it. you are so talented and have so much to offer, if you were to put all your efforts and passion into focusing on the other things you are sooooo good at. it would work, I KNOW IT!
good luck on your soul serching.


Bella Rosa Bikes said...

Thanks girls for all the love and direction. You all ROCK so much. Heather

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