July 11, 2010

Life ? ? ? Awesome

Jill has been so patient waiting for her new custom ride.  Sometimes things like this are sure worth waiting for.  We are still waiting on some new custom head badges that will finish off the new look of her Bella bike.  A few new parts might also help aid in that finished look.  Super stoked for you girl. 

I have been trying to figure out how to take good product shots of the bikes.  After pulling out my hair, scratching out my eyeballs, and beating a few things up against the wall I am hear to tell you "I STILL HAVE NOT FIGURED IT OUT"!  So for now . . . this is what you get to look at. 
 I promise she is so much more beautiful in person.

For a moment there I thought I forgot to log back into the Bella blog . . . it's been so long.  How have you all been?  I truly miss talking to you.  Life has been absolutely amazing.  Amazingly busy, amazingly stressful, amazingly full of trials - but amazing.  It has truly been an exhausting month so far, but I am loving every minute of it.  I have been pondering quite a bit on Life.  Life is such a precious thing that can be swiped up from us in a few moments.  We don't know how long we will be here on this earth.  Some of us are even wondering why we are here on this earth.  For now, I am just truly greatful to be living in this moment right now. Let me explain. 

During early spring my sister-in-law and her kids were involved in a rollover accident close to her home.  She rolled over into a ditch.  This ditch is usually full of water.  Where was the water?  Why were they spared? 

About a month ago my brother was hit by a car riding his motorcycle home.  The doctors wondered how he made it out without more severe injuries or death.  Why was he spared?

This last week, my brother-in-law was involved in a rollover with his son and dogs.  They were going 75 miles per hour and rolled the car 5 times.  They walked away with not even a scratch. Why were they spared? Our good friend Kaina (Whitney's dog) however was not. 

So, today it makes me wonder a little bit about LIFE, and how freakin awesome it truly is.  You never know when it will be your turn to kick the bucket so just be extremely thankful for your life and everyone in it. 
Freak, isn't this bike amazing. This is his new build for David. My husband ROCKS! My pictures however need some serious professional HELP.

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