June 06, 2010


So, I woke up feeling pretty amazing today. . . . until I got a call from my mother saying that my brother Cortney had been hit by a car while riding his motorcycle home late last night.  How can this be?  How crappy of luck can one kid have?  Now, many of you know Cortney and know that he lives for the outdoors and his family.  He is such an amazing person.  Actually, he must be some kind of angel because he really shouldn't be alive at all - several times over.

It makes me think of just how lucky yet ungreatful I am.  It seems that I often complain about the weather.  If it's raining - too much rain.  If it's snowing - too cold.  If it's blowing - way too windy.  It also seems like I often complain about not being in top shape.

Why do we do this?  Why aren't we just satisfied with the conditions or body we have?  Why does it take a death or accident to realize that we haven't said "I LOVE YOU" in a really long time?
So, today I am thankful. 
Thankful for my life.
Thankful for my healthy body.
Thankful for my family.
Thankful for my brother.
Thankful for the Gospel.
So tomorrow, wake up - feel the fresh air on your face, and appreciate life.  No matter what the weather. No matter how those jeans are fitting.  Say I LOVE you to those who walk out the door.  Because you just never know if you will get a second chance.


ashleyboice said...

by the way...Cortney is going to be fine...a broken clavicle...and a whole bunch of road rash...oh and he swears his bum is broken. hahaa. Today I am so thankful for him...I know I don't want to live without him...so I am glad he is still here.

Kit Nordfelt said...

Good to hear. Thanks for updating us Ash.

Jenna said...

True true! Blake and I have been thinking about Cortney today since we heard the news from your mom on FB. We pray that all will be well. There was also a sudden death in our ward this morning so our hearts our full or thanksgiving for life and health and eternal truths.

Your post capped it off for me! Thanks, Heather.

heather D said...

Thanks guys! You are all so amazing.

Beth said...

I just heard about this last night! I'm kind of out of the loop, I guess. How is he and how's Ash?? I loved! your comment... it's SO TRUE!! Thanks for reminding me!

Take care! and give Courtney our love.

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